Presentation Software

Evaluate Careers and how technology is used

#1. Learn Presentation Software

Use to learn presentation and database software basics.

Be sure to make AT LEAST 70% on all videos and quizzes.

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Create & Give a Presentation :

#3. Pick a presentation software to use.

You will create a presentation using either



or Emaze.

The presentation must include:

  • Title page- include your chosen career (from your results)
  • your name
  • pictures
  • formatting--->font size/color changes
  • answers to questions 1-12
  • be creative.
  • Bibliography page at the END

(**Be sure to save all the links you use to get your information for your bibliography page!**)

  • Be sure to answer all the questions below over your chosen Career.

#4. Research your chosen Career -

Researching your Career

  1. Description or definition of the career
  2. Describe what types of activities are done in this career
  3. Describe the place & conditions in which a person would work (office, outside,etc.)
  4. What type of clothing would be worn for this job
  5. What is the starting salary-Would you be paid overtime or get a set salary
  6. What training is needed?
  7. Would you need 2yr., 4yr college, technical school, or an apprenticeship
  8. What other jobs could you do with the training received for this job?
  9. What are the future predictions for employment (is the number of jobs growing)
  10. Describe how they use technology in this job- does it make their jobs easier
  11. Do they use technology in training or career readiness
  12. Why are you interested in this job

#5. Answer the following questions in your presentation with your opinions

1. Why/How is technology important for college & career readiness- 1 example/1slide

2. Why/How is technology important to life long learning- 1 example/1slide

3. Why/How is technology important for daily living.- 1 example/1slide

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*HELP*----___EXAMPLES:Bibliography (last slide)

Examples- below

**Use a gdoc to copy/paste all the links you use- all your sources OR bookmark them**

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#6 Turn in project on GClassroom

  • If made through emaze (OR prezi) turn in link (ADD--->LINK)
--emaze saves- but there is a save button on top nav. bar

  • If made through keynote -save to desktop- turn in (ADD-->FILE)

--Keynote does NOT save- FIle/Save or Command+s

  • If made through GSLides (gclassroom-CREATE-SLIDES) just hit " Turn in"

--Google saves by itself

#7- Give presentations

Presentations will be graded based on this rubric

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