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PROGRAM NOW FULL DATES: 5th - 7th September 2019

The progressive business & design school in Denmark, KAOSPILOT will for the third time run it's highly acclaimed 3 day experience design immersion in on the beautiful Fazenda Santa Esther, 1.5 hour drive outside São Paulo. This will be a special edition where we are including a neuroscience driven online experience into the training. This learning experience will help you design experiences with emotion and purpose that change the way people think, feel and act. We are offering the neuroscience experience as an opportunity for you to better understand and change your own thinking and evolution as an experience design leader. You will be immersed into new design driven ways of creating value, and leave with a modern toolbox for leading the delivery of meaningful experiences. The last two program sold out so be fast if you want a spot!

Kaospilots Experience Design Course
*Due to the intimate size of the group, we will select the group based upon diversity, and potential of participants ability to grow as designers and leaders through the program.


We are proud to exclusively offer all participants of this program, a cutting edge online leadership development software: the Stillpoint Experience. The StillPoint Experience is a science-based dynamic, digital platform designed to enable the development of human potential. A dynamic, iterative experience that takes you through the four transformational stages of learning. By gaining access to your subconscious thinking and elevating it to a conscious level, The StillPoint Experience empowers you to uncover your unique blind spots, disrupt self-identified patterns and develop continuous shifts in perspective and mindset, making lifelong mindfulness and better decision-making possible. You will be able to apply and integrate your new thinking in real-time in our 3 day immersive Experience Design program. This is a limited offer and exclusive offer, and as we are trialing this collaboration, the price is dramatically reduced.

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  • You are ready to explore how experience design methods can level up your offerings to customers and or participants in trainings you lead.
  • You are already in the process of transforming the experiences you offer your customers to make them more meaningful, creative & engaging, and want a modern methodology to do it better.
  • You work professionally as an experience designer within the tech field, but you want a new and bold perspective on your work. If this is you, the course will enable you to work with more complex challenges, as well as make the application of your knowledge more holistic, and meaningful.
  • You are consultant or change facilitator that wants to develop professionally and harness the power of an experience design approach to creating transformative learning experiences.


  • Meaningful Experience Design – Learn how to plan and execute experiences that meaningfully engage your team and audience.
  • Purpose Driven Development – Learn to lead your teams to work faster and create more impact through using purpose as a guiding organizing principal in the experience your create.
  • Lean Design Approach – Learn to get tangible feedback fast, test your assumptions and make better your experiences continually better.
  • Engagement Strategies – Learn to consistently engage yourself, your team, and ultimately your end users in the employee or customer experiences you design.

    Read the full program description here.

    If you have any questions about the content of the training, contact the program designer and facilitator - Andy Sontag: aso@kaospilot.dk
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Fazenda Santa Esther is a historic coffee farm transformed into a rural creativity hub, a place where people come to get inspired, celebrate and prototype a more creative, innovative and sustainable tomorrow. Although the farm doesn't produce coffee anymore, it now hosts cultural events, concerts and workshops in various areas, especially in design and arts. However, there are still chickens, ducks, dairy cows and many other animals, as well as a ecological vegetable garden. The Farm is a 1 hour and 30min drive from São Paulo.

See more here: https://www.facebook.com/fazendasantaesther


The training will be held from September 5th-7th 2019. Due to the nature of the experience, all participants are required to arrive on Wednesday Sep. 4th, no later than 10:00 PM. The course ends on Saturday the 7th at 17:00. ​


In this special edition of the training, participants will get deeper transformation, through more pre and post course interactions!


>A Stillpont evaluation that takes less than 15 minutes, provides personalized learning modules and a progress chart to see your results real-time

>A 21 day sprint including assessments and science-based strategies to develop different cognitive abilities

>Informative prompts delivered daily to help you stay focused. Turn them on/off at will.

>A download of your results immediately upon completion of your assessment

>A group call with others from the Experience Design program with Lisa Arie, creator of The Stillpoint Experience and Andy Sontag from Kaospilot, after receiving your individual results from the Stillpoint Experience, to kickstart your growth as an experience design leader!


A group call with Lisa Arie, creator of The Stillpoint Experience, after the Kaospilot program, to answer questions and support each other with making change happen as individuals and in your organizations.


The registration fee includes the 3-day training, materials, accommodation for 3 nights from the 4th - 6th and three breakfasts, three lunches and three dinners (including on the 4th), plus drinks, tea/coffee and brain food snacks during the course time. Fee also includes one Stillpoint experience, the exclusive neuroscience driven leadership online experience.

€1560 (can be paid in 6x installments)*

*This fee follows the price for the immersion course, but for better planning of companies and professionals, we will freeze the currency exchange at 4.20 reais.

*We have some discounts for companies registered in the B System, social/environmental companies and entrepreneurs, groups and communities. Contact us to learn more. Drop Allan Melo a mail: allan@evokefutures.org
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Kaospilots is a hybrid business and design school, a multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship. Our teaching programs are not designed simply to shape emergent leaders to the future, but to help them create it.

We focus on people’s potential to develop and to achieve – to use their creativity and set direction, and create the setting which allows them to navigate the uncertainty that follows. We guide creatives and potential change-makers to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies they need to full their values and visions. We build the frameworks that support creative minds to become creative leaders. Over the years, KAOSPILOT has worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide – from Greenland to South Africa.

BusinessWeek has recognized The Kaospilots as "one of the best design schools in the world", and Fast Company has named it in its Startup League's Big 10, "preparing you for the fast moving startup economy".

Kaospilot in Harvard Business Review

Dane to believe (Monocle article)

From passive listener to global change agents: A case study on kaospilot

Innovative educational experiences

KaosPilot Creative Leadership TEDxRVA

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I came to this course with an idea of how to use culture & experiences as a driver of integration between all the parts and people of the company I am a part of running. I left with a fantastic experience concept, and now I am back in São Paulo making it a reality with my Brazilian team. ...in short: a life changing experience!

  • Luisa Bernardes Martini, Flag CX

If you have a feeling there’s more to your specialist field of design than meets the eye. Or an itch there’s a gap in your knowledge, then I suggest you take a look at this course - It could turn you into an experience design superhero.

  • Tim Hoad, IKEA

The course wasn't a course at all. At least not in the traditional sense... It was an immersive experience. We learned and integrated experience design on all different levels. You touched our head, heart and hands. In just 3 days... Now, 2 weeks after the course I see experience design opportunities everywhere.

  • Fanny Koerts, Entrepreneur

If I could, I would make everyone within the tourism business attend this course. It opens one's eyes to the power you have to positively impact others, to the beauty of setting the stage for others to experience what touches their hearts - in any business imaginable, in any fight you fight (for the better hopefully ;))

  • Theresa Valenta, Tourism Consultant

I have returned back home with a whole community of ‘experience designers’ to network with and a bag of tools of how to design experiences. If you want a WOW, I can highly recommend The Kaospilot Experience Design course.

  • Dr. Kyoichi Murakami


Jaakko is a ‘carioca’ born designer, son of a Finnish craftsman, who believes to be able to (re)design the world, creatively empowering people through a design behavior. Throughout his career, Jaakko received more than 30 Design Awards and is frequently invited as speaker, jury and curator, for events such as Cannes Lions, IxDA, Path Festival and Brazilian Design Biennial, among others.

As an executive he created the ‘Experience Design Area’ for Whirlpool LATAM, which was replicated globally and, later, he consulted on Strategic and Organizational Design for local and global companies, as well as, a project fort the Brazilian government. Jaakko joined FJORD where he can contribute on organizational transformation, through new mindsets and attitudes that will impact on the way we build value today.

We are honored to bring in some very talented professional experience designers as mentors into the Kaospilot program. Jaakko will share his unique take on experience design with the group. He will work along with the other participants to solve the cases together. This means it is a chance to not only hear exceptional experience design ideas, but also work next to Jaakko and see how leads teams, and makes important design decisions.


Andy works with talented producers and experience production teams globally to create the sought after Kaospilot Experience Design learning experience immersions. He is the lead facilitator and program Manager for the Kaospilot Experience Design Profession Course.


Evoke Futures is an experience design company, focused on raising the quality and experience of Brazilian services to the standards of global excellence.


The intention of the School of Facilitators is to contribute to facilitators’ personal and professional growth and promote exchange of experiences and facilitation practices. We believe in facilitation as a practice that can be developed and used in different contexts.


A Global Network for UX, Digital and Tech Professionals to Discover International opportunities. Companies find top talents for temp or permanent roles, selected by our expert digital hunters.
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