Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School


  • When you have a video and you want to add music to it iMovie is the app to use
  • If you want to record your voice to narrate your movie iMovie is the app to use
  • You can adjust the way your video/picture looks in the shot


  • If you want to advertise for a movie or anything else use iMovie and make a trailer
  • If you can't get a picture of something you can save that picture to your camera roll and use it in your trailer
  • You can use the words to narrate your trailer

Haiku Deck

  • If you don't have an iPad, iPod, or iPhone you can use Haiku Deck on your computer
  • You can adjust the format of your presentation if you don't like the one given to you
  • It saves automatically for you

Explain Everything

  • When you feel like explaining something with extreme detail use explain everything
  • There's a laser pointer you can use when you want to point at something in your presentation
  • If you want to record your voice to explain even better Explain Everything allows you to do that

Go Animate

  • If you want to make a professional yet fun presentation for work Go Animate is the way to go
  • When you want to make funny voices for your characters just press the microphone button, or use your own voice for your characters
  • There are hundreds of characters to choose from to make your ideas come to life