Welcome to Fourth Grade

Curriculum Preview


Parents, we would like to welcome you to a great year ahead. This information is in regards to what your students will be academically learning this year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Let's Meet!

To schedule a conference please contact the school by email or phone at 817-547-1700.

Our conference time is Monday-Friday 10:10-11:00 AM; we can also meet before or after school.


In science class students will observe demonstrations, complete laboratory experiments and make scientific observations. Grades will consist of daily assignments, labs, ability to work cooperatively with partners, and unit tests. Mrs. Newman


This is a big year for your student in language arts. They will be taking the STAAR Writing test in March. This test includes multiple choice questions and a written composition.. Throughout the year they will be composing personal narrative and expository compositions. Students will be reviewing grammar and sentence structure skills in fun and engaging ways. Starting this year student's spelling grades will be obtained through their written compositions. More information about spelling list and grades will be sent home at a later date.


I'm super excited to be teaching your child and reading this year! What could be better? As your child's reading teacher my goal this year is to get your child to love reading in our classroom this year, we are working hard to become better readers using a variety of "Reading Stations" that involve technology, illustrating, vocabulary activities, integrating

science, and more. I want your child to see how fun reading can be and for it to turn into a life long love. Working at this in the classroom is super important, and working at home is just as important. Every week, your child has a reading log to complete and turn in by Friday. They should be reading at least 20 minutes each night and writing a written response each night as well. The reading log will change its form throughout the year, but there will always be a 20 minute minimum requirement with a written response each night. This will count as a daily grade each week. I look forward to hearing your questions and concerns. Mrs. Bowman

Social Studies

4th Grade social studies is all about our wonderful state, Texas! I am over the moon to discuss our great state with your kiddos. Please, ask your kids often what new things they are learning about Texas.


I am thrilled to be teaching your kids the subjects I love most. The STAAR Math with be at the very beginning of May and it will cover very rigorous material. I do not have set days that I send home homework. I only assign homework when I feel that students have a good understanding of the material and can answer questions over it. Students are welcome to take home their math journals to use while completing homework. I know that this math is taught very differently than the way you and I learned it in school. :) If your child has difficulty with his/her homework, he/she is welcome to come see me in the morning before school or ask me at the beginning of class. Though, I must see that the student has attempted the homework. When applicable, students must show their math work and not just write the answer. Ms. Tate

Birdville ISD’s Grading Policies

Students have the opportunity to be retaught and reassessed on a major grade if they have not passed with a 70% or above.

However, daily work and homework grades are final. This means students do not have the opportunity to correct failing grades. When we see that a child is in danger of failing, they will receive either tutoring after school or intervention during the day. That intervention time is called ROAR. This is a 30 minute time frame where we focus specifically on targeting what your child needs to progress academically.

Remember, graded papers come home every Tuesday and you may always check your child’s grades online through Skyward Family Access. If you have misplaced your Skyward password, please bring a valid ID to the main office to receive it again.

Grading of Late Work

Students may be assessed a penalty of no more than ten (10) points per day for up to three (3) days before a zero may be given (on the fourth) for work not turned in on time. The work addressed in the policy includes any assignment which is to receive a major grade or which has been completed over an extended period of time for which a designated due date has earlier been announced. The policy does not address daily homework (assignments given on one day which are due the next day). Neither does it address assignments that are to be completed in class and turned in at the end of the period. Evaluation of assignments that fall in either of those categories may be based on the proportion that is completed, at the discretion of the teacher.

STAAR Testing Dates

Tuesday, March 29 - Writing

Monday, May 9 - Math

Tuesday, May 10 - Reading

Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and breakfast.

Field Trip to Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Your fourth grader will get to explore the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in small groups! We will eat lunch at the museum, so please pack your student a sack lunch or the cafeteria will pack on for him/her.

Permission slips will be sent home soon.

Also, if you are interested in being a parent chaperon please contact me, Ms. Tate.

I have a few parent names form Meet the Teacher night, but if someone can't go I need a backup. :)