First Grade News

1/5 - 1/1/8

Upcoming Events

1/5 - Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

1/7 - Wear Camouflage Day

Spelling Words - We will have a test on Friday

  • hope
  • nose
  • note
  • rope
  • cute
  • cube
  • chop
  • whale
  • after*
  • new*
*High Frequency Words

Optional Challenge Words

  • lose
  • quote
  • inspire
  • resourceful
  • create

Learning Targets

Language Arts/Social Studies

  • I can reread and use clues to draw conclusions about a character's actions or an event in the plot.
  • I can segment words with long o, long e, into individual sounds.
  • I can isolate the beginning sounds of words.
  • I can use vocabulary to help understand poetry selection.
  • I can understand a fiction story.
  • I can isolate medial sounds in words.
  • I can describe my family traditions.
  • I can explain the way folktales and fables reflect beliefs, customs, language, and traditions of communities.


  • I can group 3 numbers and add them in any order.
  • I can solve word problems with 3 addends.
  • I can make my own fact families.
  • I can count by twos, fives, and tens.


  • I can begin to communicate my understanding about the importance of Earth's materials.
  • I can explore how the properties of materials can have an impact on the final product.
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