O'Rourke Library & Learning Center

Home of the Fenwick Book Club and more!

Our Own Curiosity Shop! Ask a question, seek your answers.

What's in a name? Plenty. This is your library, think about it!

Our Library is a critical touchpoint for learning here at BFHS

The Library staff is always up to something in our 3rd floor space and around the school. For Fall 2015 we're putting the focus on the Fenwick Reading Program by receiving and grading One Read Projects and Surveying faculty and students about their reading experiences during the Summer of 2015.

Come to our space and make it yours

The O'Rourke Library is home for our school Learning Specialist and our National Honors Adviser. Stop by for a game of chess, to welcome Mr. David Garbriel who steps off the football field each day to contribute his endless talents and energy to the students who visit the library or just to checkout the new additions to our growing collection. We're here for you!

Contact Us

Diane Smith, Director, O'Rourke Library and Learning Center X8351
Stephen Czarnecki, National Honors Adviser X8352