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Second Graders Shine Bright!

A Message From Miss Fuerst

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It seems like we have some warmer days headed our way for this upcoming week! Last week we completed a service project to beautify Tatem. We planted Impatiens Bounce plants in large pots. It connects to our soil unit as well as the celebration of Earth Day.

Journey's Jargons-Lesson 22

Comprehension: Our comprehension strategies this cycle are UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERS and ASKING QUESTIONS. We have been focusing on understanding particular traits of characters in stories we read. In addition, we continue to learn from character's words and actions to understand them.

Grammar: This cycle, we are leaning about the different types of adjectives, A, AN, and, THE. We learned the proper time to use each of these adjectives in a sentence. For example, we use an when it comes before a word that begins with a vowel and we use a when is comes before words that begins with a consonant.

Phonics: We have been focusing on HOMOPHONES this cycle. We read "Dear Deer: A Book of Homophones". We also played a homophone game too. Each student had a homophone taped on their back. They walked around the classroom trying to find their "partner homophone."

Math Moments

This week, we completed Unit 9, which focused on measuring. We learned how to use tools such a tape measures, rulers, and meter sticks. For the closing of Unit 9, we created "Measure Men" using cut out pieces of paper and measuring each of their body parts.

Writer's at Work

At the start of last week, we learned about comparative language in poetry. We had a large repertoire of strategies to use as we created poems about Earth Day.
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Stellar Scientists

This week in science, we administered more tests using each element of soil. Using clear test tubes, we took a little bit of each element of soil (sand, clay, and humus) and placed them in three separate test tubes. We then added one cucumber seed to each tube and made predictions about which soil we think the seed would grow best in. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will observe the seeds to see what occurs in each of the test tubes.

Upcoming Events

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  • 4/30 Community Meeting 10am
  • 5/1 Tiger's Bake Sale
  • 5/1 Chicken Run at Midnight
  • 5/14 Intermins Reports Available