June News

Incentive Info

Month End Numbers and Recognition

I know this was a tough month, but I'm proud of all of you for doing your best! Don't lose faith - summer is a busy time for people - vacations, weddings, and family reunions are just a few of the events that occupy people's time during the summer. Get out and look for vendor events to keep your business going and to meet new customers and hostesses!

Would anyone local to the tri-cites area be interested in attending a team meeting? If so, please let me know and message me with your ideas! Would you like a monthly meeting - or just when something important comes up? Is there are particular day of the week and/or time that would work best for you?

We ended the month of June with a team total of $6,212.08

Top 5 personal PVs:

Hope O'Dell $1,447.06

Candace Simerly $875.57

Lori Ashley $683.90

Amanda Lawson $538.40

Breigh Burns $511.02

We also added two new team members this month!

Congratulations to Hope O'Dell on her promotion to Leading Designer!!

Woo to the Hoo Rewards Incentive Program

Michelle Levitt's Incentive Program

Ladies - Please make sure you are taking advantage of Michelle's new rewards program!

Here is the info and the prize list:

Woo to the Hoo Rewards Program

Welcome to the Woo to the Rewards Program. This program is available to

any designer or DIW throughout my lineage! There are many different ways

to earn and lots of prizes to be won. Work hard and you will be rewarded.

Prize list:

5 cards $10 Gift Card (iTunes, Amazon, Starbucks, etc)

10 cards Origami Owl Car Sticker

25 cards $25 Visa Gift Card

50 cards 250 Origami Owl Business Cards

100 cards $100 Spa Finder Gift Certificate

250 cards iPad Mini

Here’s how the program works. Every time you complete a task or reach a

goal, you will receive 1 postcard from me (Michelle). You can collect the cards and

redeem for the prize of your choice. Redeem right away or collect for a big

prize. There is no limit to the number of cards that you can receive in a

month. Work hard and that iPad can be yours!

Goal/Task list:

Promote up

Sign a new DIW

Add a designer to your front line

Attend an Origami Owl meeting

Host an Origami Owl meeting (TL and above)

Attend an Origami Owl sponsored event

Host a party in your home

Have a party with sales $1,000 and up

Have more than 10 orders in a month

Have a PV of more than $2,500 in one month

Highest front line volume for the month

Team volume of more than $25,000 in one month

Terms and Conditions:

This program is available to any existing designer or DIW throughout

my lineage. The program officially starts on June 14, 2013 at midnight EST

and has no end. Upon completion of a task or goal, the designer or DIW must

email me, their direct mentor, AND first line Director, if applicable, with the

task or goal, and date completed. You have one week from the completion of

the task to email me. Please use “Woo to the Hoo Rewards” as the subject

line. If the task was a new DIW, please forward the confirmation email.


TO: michelle.levitt@me.com

CC: My mentor, My Director (this would be your direct mentor and Michele Bradley - michelem.bradley@yahoo.com)

Subject: Woo to the Hoo Rewards

I closed a $1000 party on Wednesday.

A Woo to the Hoo card will be mailed to the designer or DIW. Promotion goal

will have to be verified after the 10th of the month. For highest front line

volume, the designer must email by the 5th of the following month to be

considered. The designer with the highest front line volume will be announced

the following Wednesday on my Woo Hoo Wednesday recording.

Redeeming Prizes:

Woo to the Hoo Cards will be mailed to the designer or DIW upon

completion of tasks. To redeem for a prize, the designer or DIW must mail

the collected cards back to me (Michelle Levitt), in the quantity required for redemption.

There is no expiration dates on the cards. Special prizes may occasionally

pop up and point values will be assigned at that time.

Additional Ways to Win:

I may assign random tasks at any time. Some tasks may have

completion dates, or certain terms. Instructions will be given with the tasks.

This is a great opportunity to earn some goodies!

The first AnnuOWL convention is right around the corner! Please let me know if you are planning to attend! I hope to return with some news for everyone!

Please feel free to contact me any time with questions!

Tiffany Harper