Henry Hudson


Dustin Hill and Brenya Fagan


I was born in the 16th century and known to be one of the most famous explorers. I've spent most of my life trying to find routes to Asia. I learned about the sea in my early years and have traveled and explored ever since. I worked aboard other ships as help for many things until I ventured out on my own to become the man I am known as today.

Departure Date

May of 1607

Plan to Return in September of same Year

The Journey will take us through different parts of Asia

The Map

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What Will We See?

In set to find passageways to Asia through the Arctic Ocean we will se the half moon and many great treasures of the world on the journey you'll never forget with a joy time exploring all that can be seen along the way.


British Pounds (GBP)

You Ready For The Journey of a Lifetime?