March of Dimes

An FBLA Fundraiser

What is it?

The March of Dimes is an FBLA fundraiser that helps hospitals research premature birth and make sure premature babies stay alive.

What is premature birth?

Premature birth means that the child hasn't matured enough in the womb, but is still conceived. There are around 15 million premature babies born each year and around 1 million die. The average cost for the birth of a healthy baby is $4,389 and the average cost for premature babies is $54,194. The March of Dimes is here to help lower the cost of premature births.

Why should you donate?

Everyone deserves a chance, but because of premature birth around 1 million children don't get that chance. And the other surviving premature babies have to go through life without the skills and knowledge normal people have. It is a serious matter and everyone that is aware of what is going on should donate.