The Fear of the Unknown

European Settlement

The Europeans came in a hunt for a new land.

The europeans came and changed the beauty that was already there. They wanted to change everyone, make everyone like them, as they thought they were very superior.

The Great Exploration

Monday, March 19th 1534 at 6:15am

Saint-Malo, France

St-Malo, Brittany

The event happened, outrageously.March 19, 1534 Jacques Cartier, in Saint Malo, France.

He was given the mission of " undertaking the voyage to the New Lands to discover certain islands and countries where there are said to be great quantities of gold and other riches."


The main goal for europeans was to spread their religion; christianity. They wanted everyone in the world to be like them.

Food Life

They discovered new species of plants unknown to europe. They took back the seeds and cuttings to start a new step of life back home.


Sounds from Tuesday afternoon by lilperfectionista


Sounds from Tuesday afternoon by lilperfectionista


European sailors believed that in unknown lands, many creatures with enormous feet and single eyes lived. They also thought some were to have faces on their chests.

European Transportation

The settlers often walked to get from place to place, or they used horses attached to wagons or carriages. Walking was sometimes the only choice for the poorer people, and it was often very hard.

European Shelter

Europeans lived in small, wood houses that often just had only one room. Almost every house had a garden or farm, on which they planted and gardened. One house would be quite far from the other.


Children helped a lot during the european settlers time. They worked to get water and wood, and girls often helped cook, sew and clean.

The Settlers lit up their houses with some of the first ever candles. They also used the fire from the fireplace. (wood)


As most of the european settlers came to Canada, they brought their old country’s traditions along with them. For example, the europeans celebrated christmas, and it is still celebrated today.


The european’s considered themselves superior and very intelligent compared to the first nations.
Priests taught boys and girls weren’t allowed to go to school for a time, so most girls stayed home with the women and cleaned, cooked, and sew.

But, still, after a time, the girls were also granted an education.

Details on the Settlers

Going further into settlers's lifestyle.