The Solutions Lab

By: Destiny Bechtold


Aunt Elda died while in a surgery from too much anesthesia and this is how we know.

First we had to set up our lab, which required our computers, sample things, and the colorimeter


before the test

So how we get the samples, the 10 percent, 20 percent, etc. For 0 percent its just clear water and then when you get to 10 percent you just add a little food dye and as the percentages get higher the more food dye you put in.


We first connect the colorimeter to our computer, then we collect our solutions in our sample thingies. and set them on a paper towel, right where we wrote the number of percentage on the paper towel. Then we take those samples and put them in the colorimeter, which is connected to the computer, and use logger pro to read how much light is going through and we save and collect that data for each percentage.
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THE LAST STEPS!!!!!!!!!!!

We take the aunt Elda sample and put it in the colorimeter to see were it lines up on the graph we made to see what the percentage of the solution was and thats how we know they gave her too much and killed her.