Water Safety

By Katrina Tzourtzouklis

Why is water safety hazardous?

Water safety is very hazardous because theirs a high chance of your child life to be in danger if you leave them in the water area by themselves, even if you leave for a minute it can impact of your child. Non fatal drowning incidents are also of great concern as they can have a potential long term effects including brain damage and permanent disability's.

Safety Concerns and Rules

-Never take your eyes off your child around water

-Remain withing arms reach. this is so that it their is an emergency you can get their in time.

-Take children with you if you leave the water area

-Restrict children's access to water, such as adding fences and barriers

-Water familiarization lessons can assist in teaching children to swim while also helping them understand water safety

-Enroll in a resuscitation course and update skills, so you can respond in case of an emergency

-Resuscitation posters are a good reminder to have and keep around pools and spas just in case

-Check life guards or parents if its OK to swim

-Never swim alone

-Read and obey the water safety signs

-For assistance stay clam, float and attract attention

-To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach

-Always conserve your energy, waves can assist you back to the beach

-Empty baths,pools,sinks,buckets, immediately after use