by Ysabelle Saenz, Rachel Steagall, Madison Carter

Atomic Number

The atomic number of Chlorine is 17.

mass number

the mass number or atomic mass is 35.453

Element Symbol

The element symbol of Chlorine is Cl.


Chlorine has 17 protons.


Chlorine has 18 neutrons.


Chlorine has 17 neutrons.


On the periodic table Chlorine is in group 17.


On the Periodic table Chlorine is in period 3.

Where is it found?

Chlorine can be found in the Earth's crust and the ocean water, it is contained in many of the compounds in the water.

What is it used for?

Chlorine is used as an antiseptic meaning it can to prevent diseases. Also for to treat drinking water and swimming pools including being used in many industrial processes.

Bohr Model of Chlorine

Chlorine has 17 protons in it's nucleus, 18 neutrons in the nucleus and 3 circular rings around it containing 17 electrons.

What is Chlorine in the terms of being a metal/metalloid or non-metal?

On the periodic table Chlorine is classified as a non-metal as it is a gas.


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Two similar elements to Chlorine?

Two elements that are similar to Chlorine are Neon and Fluorine because of alike chemical and physical properties.

Two cool facts!

1.Chlorine is used in the development and manufacturing in products used to make vehicles lighter in all sorts of spaces in the cars.

2. Chlorine is one of the only elements with color, being yellow-greenish as most elements are often colorless.