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Related Jobs

Chef, Grocer, Pastry Chef, Cake Baker

Job Description

Job descriptions for a baker vary depending on the circumstances, for example: if you work in a small, local bakery then you will more than likely work alone but if you're working in a large scale bakery, then you will probably be working with many other people. This job will have you waking up very early and working through the hours that most are still asleep. Whether in a small or large scale kitchen, bakers must learn to master a large scale of different tools.


  • Do you enjoy cooking?
  • Are you willing to get up early?
  • Do you have basic math/measuring skills?
  • Will you be able to use a wide range of tools and foods?
  • Do you enjoy eating bread?

Suggested School Courses/Subjects

  • Math Courses
  • Food Courses

Education/Training Needed

You don't need any training but it would help in this career to have a degree from a food college

Areas of Expertice

  • Baking and Pastry

What Can I Do Now?

  • Start cooking at home for your family
  • Have bake sales
  • Cook for people in your neighborhood
  • Look into different culinary arts colleges