A famous rescue story

The Entebbe operation

Question 1

We chose Operation Entebbe.

Question 2

We chose this rescue story because it was a very brave operation carried by the IDF. Israel was able to rescue 105 hostages in an hostile territory.

Question 3

Operation Entebbe was a military operation carried out by the Israel Defense Forces in Uganda on 4 July 1976. A French airplane, carrying mostly Israeli passengers was kidnapped by terrorists and was forced to land in Uganda. the terrorists threatened to kill the passengers if Israel doesn't sent Palestinians prisoners free. Israel decided to send a special force to the Entebbe airport. it was a complete surprise and the Israeli soldiers were able to kill the terrorists and release almost all the hostages alive. there was one very sad result - Yoni Netanyaho, the operation's commander, was shut and killed by an Ugandan soldiers.

Question 4

The protagonist is the unit's commander Yonatan Netanyahu was killed while trying to save the passengers. In our opinion, he was a real hero because he risked his own life in order to save others.

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Question 6

The operation was carefully planned in Israel. Our government pretended that they want to negotiate with the terrorists, but actually, they only wanted to give the soldiers more time to prepare and plan. after few days, the soldiers were taken to Uganda. they landed secretly and pretended that they are Ugandan soldiers. it worked. it was a real surprise and the terrorists could not react. all the passengers went on the Israeli planes and were brought back to Israel. there was a lot of joy at the airport.

Question 7

It was very interesting to do this paper. we learned a lot about the operation and now we understand much better what happened there. it was also a good experience of looking for information on the internet.