Lucy's Library Blast

September 7, 2015


Craig Parnell will be at West End on Sept. 14-15. He will be syncing up all the IPAD carts. Please plan to take your cart to the library by Friday, the 11th so that he can do updates.

Please return all inventory sheets to Mr. Clark by Sept. 18th.

I found these drawings in a 1953-1954 directory. Thought you might like to see the changes.

In the directory, every teacher's and every student's name, address, and phone number was listed by grade and gender. (note: where are the elevators?)
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Smithsonian TweenTribune

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Sick Leave

I will be out until Sept. 28th. Ms Jones is covering the book club and the authors visit. We will have a sub in the library during this time so the library will remain open and available as usual. I'm already looking forward to my return!