Industrial Revolution


Who Invented the steamboat?

John Fitch came up with the idea of the steamboat and when he tried to make his idea work it failed. John Fitch was also an inventor of other many things like a clock. He was born in January 21,1793 and died on July 2, 1798.

Robert Fulton picked up on John Fitch’s idea and fixed where John Fitch failed. Robert Fulton then launched a boat called the Clermont. Robert Fulton was also interested in steam engines thats why he was successful at making the steamboat. He was born in November 14, 1765 and died in Feburary 24, 1815.

When was the steamboat invented?

The steamboat was invented in 1787. It was first invented by John Fitch.

Why would people want to use the Steamboat?

  • To go up and down the river quicker
  • To move goods

Positive Impact on the U.S

  • Brought in business for the towns
  • Can move to places quicker in the rivers

Negative Impact on the U.S

  • There was a lot of steam going into the air
  • Explosions could happen
  • Pollutes rivers