Melanie Hunter


10 Descriptive words about me!

  • Reverent
  • Accountable
  • Good-Natured
  • Hushed
  • Tolerable
  • Imaginative
  • Vigorous
  • Tidy
  • Intelligent
  • Accommodating

Hobby Interests

  • Drawing
  • Helping family and others
  • Volunteering

Biggest Influences On Me

  • The biggest influences on me our my parents, because they always know how to help me with everything and teach me right from wrong. Also they know when I am down and need to be picked back up again.

Favorite Book and Movie

  • My favorite book is " Safe Haven".
  • My favorite movie is " Heaven is For Real ".

Quote That Fits Me!

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I am always quite no matter what even if I am in a loud area with a lot of people.
Martina McBride Happy Girl
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Place that I have been

Galveston Beach: For vacation every year with my dad we go to Galveston it makes me realize our family time is very special.