Photosynthesis Lab Experiment

Color of light effects on photosynthesis by Cameron/Garrett.



Photosynthesis is the process where plants take in carbon dioxide and water with the energy from the sun,then it creates a sugar called glucose and releases oxygen.
The chemical equation for photosynthesis is
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In this equation the energy comes from different wavelengths of light. Light has all colors from red to purple. Each color has a different wavelengths. Red has the longest wavelength and purple has the shortest wavelength.


The purpose of this experiment is to see if different colors of light affected the rate of photosynthesis.


If the plants are exposed to different colored light then the rate of photosynthesis will be different because plants absorb different colors of light at different rates.

Parts of the experiment

dependent variable - the rate of photosynthesis

independent variable - the color of light

control - plant with white light

experimental group - the plants that receive the colored light.

factors held constant - light intensity, amount of water, temperature in the room, carbon dioxide concentration in room, and type of soil


4 colors of cellophane-red,blue,green and yellow

5 medium sized plastic cups

5 large shoe boxes without lid

5 bean plant seeds

potting soil





measuring cup


well lit area to keep the boxes

camera (optional)


  1. plastic cups with soil about 3/4 full.
  2. push one seed 1/2 inch into the soil. then add 1/4 cop of water
  3. take the shoeboxes and cut off one short side end.
  4. label each box with the color cellophane that will be covering it.
  5. put one plant in each box.
  6. tape one color of cellophane yo each box(one color per box)one box will have no color and will be used as the control
  7. place the boxes in area where they will all get an equal amount of light
  8. give plants same amount of water each day
  9. record growth of plants each day by measuring the length of the plant,the number of leaves, and the size of the leaves
  10. tou can use a camera to take pictures which will show the growth of the plants.
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observation and data

Observations(recorded in note book)

we would observe if there were any changes in the length or heght of the plants, the number of leaves, and the size of the leaves


Data would be recorded in a table in the notebook

Where we got our information

We found our information from's%20Guide/2.%20Effects%20of%20color%20on%20plant%20growth%20TE.pdf