The facts about Nickel

About Nickel

  • Nickel
  • Symbol is Ni
  • Atomic number is 28
  • Atomic Weight is 58.6934 (mass)
  • group 10
  • Period 4
  • classification is metallic
  • color in Silvery white

Color of nickel

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  • Silvery white
  • Has a lot of uses

Uses Of nickel

  • Chicks and rats raised on nickel-deficient diets have liver problems

  • Nickel is an essential trace element for many species

  • Enzymes known as hydrogenases in bacteria contain nickel
  • Nickel is also important in plant ureases.


  • hard
  • malleable
  • ductile
  • somewhat ferromagnetic
  • a fair conductor of heat and electricity


  • Iron meteorites
  • siderites
  • may contain iron alloyed with from 5 to nearly 20% nickel
  • There is a large iron-nickel alloy deposit in Greenland
  • Nickel is obtained commercially from pentlandite and pyrrhotite from Canada.

History Of Nickel

· discovered by Axel Fredrik Cronstedt in 1751 at Sweden

· origan of name: from the German word "kupfernickel" meaning Devil's copper or St Nicholas's (OLd Nick's) copper

· Minerals containing nickel were of value for coloring glass green