Belkin Router Firmware Update Help

Firmware upgradation is one of the most important tasks to perform that ensures the smooth functioning of your Belkin routers. But many of the people can not do the task because it is a little tricky to perform. If the auto update is turned off in your router settings, it might lead to issues such as you won’t be able to carry out the Belkin Wireless Router Login. In that case, people often ask for Belkin N wireless router firmware update guidance.

So, if you are not a tech-savvy person, then you can avail some serious help from this article. This article will surely guide you to perform the upgradation procedure with ease.

Stepwise Guide To Update Belkin N Router Firmware

Upgradation of the router firmware is the most important task that improves the accessibility of the router. That's why, here, we are going to discuss some of the easiest and effective ways to update the firmware of the Belkin N wireless router.

Method 1: With The Help Of The IP Address

From the Belkin router's login IP address, you can easily update the firmware of that router. But many of the people do not know about the process. Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the task.

First of all, open the web browser and type in the search bar and hit the Enter key. After that, you can see the Belkin router's official login page. Under that, you have to submit the USERNAME and PASSWORD, which is ADMIN and PASSWORD respectively. Then, it will be redirected to the Belkin router set up page. From there, navigate to the Firmware option and click on it. After that, you will see the Update option; click on it. You can see all the recent update Firmware versions. Then, choose the current Firmware version and download it. Now, extract that file and install the firmware into your device. Finally, restart your router and try to execute the Belkin Wireless Router Login.

Method 2: Download And Update Firmware

If you are not able to update the firmware using the process above mentioned, then try this alternative procedure to update the firmware. To do that, open the official Belkin router website. And then, search with the version ID of your Belkin N Wireless router. It will show all the recent updates for your router. From there, select the latest Firmware update version and download it. After doing that, extract the file and install it in your device. Now, restart your device and then you can access your router with the help of the latest firmware.

After following the procedures given in this article, you should be able to do the Belkin Wireless Router Login. This article will surely help you to get rid of the Belkin N wireless router firmware update problems. If you face any other issue related to this, then you can drop us your comments regarding it.