Recognizing You Award Winners


Together Everyone Achieves More

Josh Cruz

Kudos to Josh for his support and sub core team call management that kept all team members aligned for the successful launch of Xerox Cebu! Josh kept the action register updated weekly. He worked cross functionally for training updates to ensure these items were closed out to completion.

Josh also worked with the Xerox leadership team to launch the FiOS Lab Cart in this new location. He provided a demo with what this lab cart will provide, how equipment will ship, set up instructions, and knowledge transfer modules to utilize with the FiOS Lab Cart.

This was Josh's first time managing a new center launch and he did a fine job keeping on top of his deliverables as well as the partner deliverables, so that deadlines were achieved.

Nominated by: Nancy Perry

Susan Pearson

Kudos to Susan for her leadership support for the readiness of Xerox Cebu! Susan provided F2F leadership training preparation for tool, process, and policies - so that when Xerox leaders were onsite for the launch they could train leaders first hand and inspect knowledge transfer as well. Susan partnered also cross functionally to ensure essential remote training sessions were completed for Coaches Aid and Rep Guidance. She made sure support bridges were in place for launch week so that questions could be answered real-time, and the National Ops team even provided on call rotation support. Close coordination efforts were in place every step of the way with Susan's guidance and oversight, I appreciate and recognize her efforts and want to say, "Thank You!" - kudos for a well executed plan.

Nominated by: Nancy Perry

Candice Sprague

I would like to recognize Candice for her efforts in keeping us “In the Know!” She publishes weekly updates so that the field and the operations team can stay closely connected with sales/sales revenue performance and metrics. Candice also publishes the GSO Revenue Scorecard 3 times a week; this is filled with very useful data to drive conversations with our partners. On the revenue scorecard Candice also updates us on monthly offers and incentives, again keeping us well informed and “In the Know!” Candice works behind the scenes to ensure the data is available to drive performance and she is diligent in her publications, she saves us A LOT of time and effort for us to be able to spend time on the floor with the teams influencing performance and for that I am very appreciative! Candice is also flexible and helps out in the centers to listen to calls and to determine what is working for incentives, and what could use enhancing. Thank you Candice for your knowledge and reporting expertise, it is very valuable!

Nominated By: Nancy Perry