Hooper Hornets Newsletter


Spring Is Coming!

Hooper Hornets spring is coming and spring break is just around the corner, three weeks to be exact. We have much to do before then so let's get busy. Please make sure that grades are posted and correct, progress is reported on all goals and objectives and sent home to parents, please have IEP's checked and finish up strong on IEP's that are due.

As we talk about spring semester, the next nine weeks will fly by and we will have completed another school year. Please begin to take the time and start going through your belongings. Remember everything you keep will have to be packed, moved (by county) and unpacked. What a great time to do spring cleaning in your rooms. Please return items such as books for the library, text books that aren't being used, and other items you come across to the appropriate parties. If you have broken furniture in rooms please notify Ken Lloyd so it can be placed on the surplus list and removed before moving.

As we get closer you will get instruction on boxes and so forth. I hope to have pictures of our new building for next weeks issue to share. You may also consider backing up your computers and placing personal stored items on external hard drives or flash drive if you want to keep them. Your computers will be turned in at the end of the year.

This weeks Events:

**Please note that 2nd 30 minute Observations are unannounced and have begun.

Tuesday 3/10: Write to Learn Training

Wednesday 3/11: Wells and Shannon at AP meetings.

Wednesday 3/11: PBIS Meeting

Thursday 3/12: Leadership Meeting 9-11

Thursday 3/12: Department Meetings

Friday 3/13: Mankin out of Build in A.M. Dr. Tatum visiting classrooms.