By: Elie Wiesel

"Because of indifference, one dies before someone actually dies."

This quote is mostly telling us that before someone actually dies, someone gets killed like a second before the first person.

"We marched without faltering." pg.91

This quote affects an individuals my diminishing the Jews. Making them want to give up the point where they don't care anymore. These acts of indifference can make a man think dying or giving up are the only options.

"Meir. Meir, my boy! Don't you recognize me? I'm your father... your killing me.."

This quote shows indifference because it shows how a man who is desperate can drive them to do inhumane things. In this scene, it shows how man kind is using violence. Meir, the man who killed his father showed violence to handle with indifference.

"In the wagon where the bread had fallen, a real battle had broken out. Men threw themselves on each other like wild breast." pg.105-106

As the fight broke out between the starving men. The Nazi men stood there and laughed in entertainment at the sight they saw. This quote shows indifference because society nor an individual care about the Jews. Society was selfish and didn't care for the Jews and the other discriminated.

"Meir groaned,"How come the don't shoot us right away?"pg.108

This quote that Meir Katz states how he is done with the pain and he's wondering why the Nazi didn't shoot him from the beginning. Meir Katz was giving up, and he actually wanted to die. This affects an individual because Meir has simply gave up.