Economy of Iran


Iranian Rial

27,033.00 Iranian Rials = 1 US Dollar

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Summary of Economy in Iran

Iran's economy is marked by statist policies, an inefficient state sector, and reliance on oil, a major source of government revenues. Price controls, subsidies, and other distortions weigh down the economy, undermining the potential for private-sector-led growth.Constraints on Tehran, following the expansion of international sanctions in 2012 against Iran's Central Bank and oil exports, significantly reduced Iran's oil revenue, forced government spending cuts, and fueled a 60% currency drop.


$987.1 billion

GDP Per Capita


% of Population below poverty line


Import and Export

Import- is when another country ships their products into your country

Export- is when you ship your products into another country

Iran exports $61.22 billion Dollars worth of goods every year

Iran imports $61.22 billion Dollars worth of goods every year

If the price of imports was greater than the price of exports that country would be in debt.