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It's never too early to plan for the future!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are kicking off this month with our Career Expo. The month of January will be filled with activities and career guided discussions tailored to each grade level. This week we are starting off our Career Expo by having each teacher lead career based surveys. These surveys are created in the hopes of discovering particular interests the children have in regard to careers. Once these surveys are compiled we will gather the data, analyze it, and determine which careers are the most popular within each grade level. This is how we will decide which individuals to bring in for Career Day.

We encourage parents and guardians to discuss Career Day, and what your child's "dream job" would be, especially during this month. Getting our kiddos in the mindset of what their futures can look like will be such a great help and they will ultimately realize their potential.

On Site Field Trips

We will be wrapping up our Career Expo at the end of January by narrowing down the most popular careers (based on the surveys) and organize field trips to the sites for each career. These field trips will enable students to fully understand the environment where the professional works.

Permission slips will be sent home with each student a week before the field trips will take place. A hard copy will be sent home with each student. Along with this, an electronic copy will be sent to the parent/guardians email.

Be on the lookout for these permission slips!

I look forward to working with and meeting as many of you as possible.

Feel free to contact me via office phone, email, or an in person appointment that can be set up through my blogs' google doc account (link below).

Thank you!

Leah Levy

Elementary School Counselor

Newman Elementary School

(214) 543-2300