Mariner Matters

September 7, 2015

Building Closed Monday

The Building will be closed for the Labor Day Holiday. Enjoy the time off and do something fun. This school year has been very busy so far and we are just beginning. If you need me over the holidays please call or text. 919-500-0913.

Staff Expectations

1. "I Can" statements are to be posted for every lesson every day.

2. Students should be supervised at all times. This includes transitions to other classes, recess, lunch and bathroom break. We have been reminded by Chatham County to remind teachers about supervision. Let's not put ourselves in a difficult situation that we cannot support because of insufficient supervision.

3. Lesson plans need to be completed by Tuesday of each week for the entire week.

4. Please make sure that students are prepared and ready to safely begin dismissing at 2:55. We want buses to get on the road as quickly and safely as possible to avoid traffic congestion.

5. Please post daily schedule where it can be seen when walking into the room.

Standard 4-Teachers know the ways in which learning takes place and knows the appropriate level of intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of their students.

I will be focusing heavily on standard four this year and the level of rigor in the classroom. Below are examples of what is considered on target for the standard. Please read and reflect on each one. I have added Depth of Knowledge of chart to the Perry Harrison Curriculum resources for you to compare what you are asking your students to do in your lessons.

1. Seek out various resources to meet the needs of students.

2. Seek out professional learning opportunities to gain new knowledge.

3. Group students flexibly across disciplines.

4. Planning instruction for multiple modalities for learning.

5. Utilizes student interest inventory to target individual student learning interest.


Please start working on your PDPs. They are due by late September. Teachers must start the evaluation process. You can start with the orientation date of August 19th. In order to do the self assessment you must go to the PDP to start the self assessment. There is not an area everyone must have but I trust that you will include some kind of instructional goal.


Ms. Brannum has asked me to remind you that medicine cannot be kept in the classroom. Only Epi pens and inhalers can be kept in the classroom.

Assistance in Copying

The PTA would like to provide reps to copy for teachers. Please let me know if you would like a parent to make copies for you at least one or two days a week. I will pass it on to the PTA.

Curriculum Team-Tuesday

Curriculum Team will be meeting on Tuesday beginning at 3:30pm in Ms. Tompkins' room. We will go back to our regular meetings of the first Monday next month.

Refresher Fundations-Tuesday

Ms. Langdon will be doing a refresher training for Fundations for anyone that wants to attend. It will be begin at 3:30 in her classroom, please bring your manual.


PLCs start this week. We have made a few changes in coverages with instructional assistants. Please let me know if you have any conflicts with coverage.

United Way-Friday

United Way donations are due Friday to Ms. Fannin. Please contribute if you can.

Pastries with the Principal-Friday

Pastries will be held on Friday in the Media Center. I will be discussing our curriculum and academic goals with the parents.

Classroom Discussions in Math

Please have the first chapter read on our book study with UNC. Everyone should have a book but if you do not please let me know.