All About Rafael Lopez

All About Me

Ten Things About Me

1. I like rock music

2. I like theater arts

3. I am the smallest of my family

4. My favorite season is Summer

5. I don't like mornings

6. I have never has 60% on my report card

7. I have never missed a day of school

8. I don't like this class

9. I like going to church

10. I want to be a Lawyer/Astronomer

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Was in 7th grade when I went to a performance at McArthur for UIL. That day I forgot all of my lines and I was being graded by judges. I was on stage making a fool of myself.

Additional Photographs

Strange questions I have been asked

Why are you always inside?

Why do you wear black?

why do you like school so much?