Come to Animal Farm.

"Man is the only creature that consumes without producing."

You have tried the rest of the farms now try the best of the farms.

Animal Farm is located in Cardiff, Wales just down the road from the Red Lion pub now you may be thinking hang on a minute that's where manor farm is but no longer does Mr Jones have control over the farm us animals have rebelled against the human and claimed it as our own so we encourage animals around the world to come join us.

Animal Farm needs you !

Here at Animal Farm we believe that all animals are equal yet some more equal than others and by following that all animals formally address each other as comrade. Here at animal farm our motto is "four legs good two legs bad" and we follow this by allowing no human being to pass through the gates (with exceptions).

All hail Napoleon

Napoleon is our loyal leader and has been through a lot to keep Animal Farm so all new members to animal farm are expected to have the highest level possible of loyalty towards Napoleon as animals in the past who haven't got what was coming to them.

Here at animal farm you can learn to read and write

By learning to read and write animals are on the right track to becoming superior to humans around the world.