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Welcome to our monthly newsletter! We hope that this newsletter will be an excellent way for you to stay plugged into all of the wonderful activities and ministries of CrossRoads Chicks! Our teams are bursting with excitement about all that is planned for you!


Our theme this year is "Sisters". Our prayer is that the Lord begins to create sisterly bonds among us that will last a lifetime and make an impact for eternity. Look to this newsletter each month to find information about the following aspects of our Women's Ministry:

  • Sisters With Sisters (Upcoming Women's Events)
  • Sisters in Prayer (Women's Prayer Emphasis and Prayer Requests)
  • Sisters on Mission (Women on Mission - WOM- and Mission Opportunities)
  • Sisters in Study (Women's Bible Study Opportunities)
  • Sisters in Touch (Care Group for Women)

Sisters with Sisters

Sisters on Missions

Sisters in Prayer

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Prayer Focus for May

Please join us for Prayer!

1st Saturday of every month

7:00 @ CrossRoads Baptist Church

See you on May 4th !


If you have a prayer need/request, we would be honored to join you in prayer. Be assured that it will be strictly confidential unless you give permission to share with our other Sisters. You can email us at:

Sisters in Study

No Other Gods Study Was Wonderful!

Sisters in Touch

Sisters in Touch are a group of women whose focus will be to stay connected to the women of CrossRoads so that we can meet their needs. We need each other! Let's make intentional efforts to stay connected so that we can pray each other through times of blessing AND times of difficulty. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of one another.

Our email list is growing by the minute! If you would like to receive Women's ministry emails contact or

You can also join us on Facebook - CrossRoads Womens Group

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