Ms Tosches The Great

By: Teagan Dooley

Knock knock. Who's there? Only the best teacher in the world! Is it Ms Tosches? Yes it is! Ms Tosches is my favorite teacher of all time. She teaches fifth grade science, but to me she's more than just that. She reads us stories, tells jokes, and throws the best holiday parties ever! I know what your thinking, it's to good to be true. Nope! She just is awesome in every way possible. Also, unlike many other teachers she teaches science in a fun way that gets us motivated about it and gets us working hard. Sometimes she even lets us get up and do fun stretches half way through the day! She's just all-around awesome. No matter what. So if you what a fifth grade teacher who is beautiful, smart, awesome, plus teaches awesomely, you definitely want Ms Tosches, the best teacher ever.