The Gas Giant

Period of rotation: 10 Hours

Period of revolution:11.28 Earth years

Average distance from the sun: 778 million Km.

5th Planet from the sun


More about Jupiter

Jupiter's atmosphere is made up of 71% Hydrogen, 24% Helium and 5% other elements

The average temp. on Jupiter is -190 degrees f. to 9 degrees f.

Jupiter has 63 moons, a few are Ganymede, Lo, Europa and Calisto

Facts about Jupiter: Ten interesting Facts about Jupiter

Fun Facts

~Jupiter is the largest planet in out solar system

~Jupiter's rotation is the fastest of all the solar system's planets

~Jupiter is the 4th brightest object in the solar system

~The Ancient Babylonians were the first to record a sighting of Jupiter

~The Big Red Spot on Jupiter is a huge storm that has been going on for 350 years