Ella Enchanted

by:Gail Carson Levine

Reviewed By:Bejunior

by:Gail Carson Levine

Reading Ella Enchanted was like stepping into a mystical world of giants,elves,ogres and more. You feel like you are in the story facing all the problems that Ella faces, Like when Ellas evil step sisters Hattie and Olive get there hands on Ellas biggest secret. Theres no knowing how far they will go to torture her. And they go farther than you might think they will. Ella faces many problems in this story because of the curse of obedience she was given from an evil fairy.This curse makes her have to obey everything anyone tells her to do. Ella also faces the problem of losing her mother, who was her most cherished possession and she is taken out of her life. Now the only thing she has to remember her is a necklace which is taken from her by her step sisters. So now all she has to remember her are memories of her. And now Ella has ran away from home on a quest to rid herself of the curse of obedience or at least to learn to control it. She meets many friends on her quest.

In my opinion I think that Ella enchanted is a very exciting book that you won't want to stop reading. There is a lot of suspense in the book and it get you on the edge of your seat. Also the characters have very distinct personalities and they will make you laugh and cry.The suspense in the book is when Ellas step sister tell her to do something horrible to a very important person and you don't know how Ellas going to handle it. There was so much suspense that I spent two hours reading the book.

I recommend this book to anyone between the age of ten and twelve because this book has really strong characters and you have to pay a lot of attention to everything in the book. Even though this book is fantasy, it is feels very realistic in. In this book Ella kept fighting for what she wanted even when things seemed hopeless things, and thats exactly what this book taught me,not to give up on what you believe no matter how far you have to go.