By Leah Marcin-Van Meter


This is a simple Yoga teaching app that allows the user to start learning yoga from any amount of expertise. The app will provide you with easy to follow video and accompanying verbal directions.

A user friendly app:)

This app is fairly user friendly. It allows the user to exit at any time and allows you to select classes based on your skill level. However it doesn't save your progress if you exit in the middle of a lesson and you will need to repeat the class in order to get credit. This can be annoying at some point if you simply do not have enough time to complete the lesson. I would have to say that is my least favorite part of the app. To keep you motivated, the app awards points for completed lessons. With these points you can "buy" more fun and sophisticated yoga lessons, a technique that was definitely my favorite part of the app. I will certainly be recommending this app to many people.


getting Track yoga

This app is completely free and requires absolutely no personal information. As far as I know this app does not have a better app that requires money or has certain privileges that this one does not have. This app is also available on iphone and android.


This app is for any person who is interested in learning yoga in a fun easy way. Many middle-schoolers would benefit from using an app like this as it is great for stress relief and feeling strong, inspired and connected to yourself.