Zombie survival guide

Read if you want to survive!!

This is going to happen!

Zombies are coming, don't get caught by reading this. It will tell you where to go and hide and where not to go.

Where to go

There are many geographic regions to hide. The only problem is picking them.


You need efficient weapons, food, Costco stuff, and water. It won't be hard to find these, because they're practically everywhere. Katniss Everdeen ------>

Example of zombie apocalypse

this is what happens in a zombie attack (video below)
GTA 4: Zombie Apocalypse! - (Zombies Mod Funny Moments)
I hope this guide make you want to do this (video below)
Minecraft 12 ways to kill a zombie
And when you have a camp of survivors, do this. It'll make sense when you watch it.
When Zombies Attack Villagers - Minecraft