Independence Day of Morocco

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Yasmyn's house was decorated with little Moroccan Flags hung around her house. The city of Rabat was decked out in the Moroccan colors and happy people paraded through the streets. On every corner of the street, there was a different vendor selling traditional Moroccan foods.

When is Independence Day Celebrated?

Morocco celebrates its Independence Day on November 18 to honor the return of their King Mohammed to Morocco.

How is the Independence Day celebrated in Morocco?

The Independence Day is a national holiday in Morocco. A grand reception is held at the imperial palace; colorful parades, and street vendors selling traditional food mark the Independence Day celebrations.
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What is the significance of Independence Day in history of Morocco?

European interest in Morocco grew in the 1800s. This led to a conflict between imperialist powers, particularly France and Spain. Morocco was declared a territory of France in 1912. The same year, France and Spain signed an agreement in which Spain gained land too. Rebellions against the colonial rule occurred. In about 1944 the need for complete sovereignty was stressed. Sultan Mohammed V was replaced with the Mohammed Ben Aarafa, who was widely opposed by the people. In wake of the public outcry, the French had to allow the sultan to return to Morocco. In 1956, the king proclaimed freedom for Morocco from France. Spain also officially renounced its claim over Morocco in the same year. On November 18, the people of Morocco commemorate the sacrifices of their ancestors and the royal family, and the return of Sultan Mohammed V, from his exile in Madagascar in 1956.

Moroccan National Anthem: Arabic + Transcription + English Translation

On Independence Day, theres is an absolute out pouring of happiness and celebration.

La fête de l'indépendance au Maroc | عيد الإستقلال المغرب ذكريات جميلة

Time of celebration:

Morocco’s Independence Day celebration lasts all day throughout November 18th.


Comparison to American Holiday:

Morocco’s Independence Day celebration is just like the 4th of July to Americans. America throws large parties and celebrates with parades and our countries colors.

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