An article in Psychology Today

says “women who used vibrators within the past month reported higher levels of sexual desire, sexual arousal and lubrication. They also had less pain during sex and more orgasms.”

Sex toys,

also known as sexual and sensual aides enhance, rather than diminish, interest in and enjoyment of sex.

We know that

more than 50% of women need some type of clitoral stimulation from vibration to reach orgasm.

Relationship Enhancers?

Some women say the introduction of a sex toy made communication easier inside and outside of the bedroom.

The health benefits include

more reproductive exams because women who use vibrators are more likely to have regular checkups. Orgasms stimulate pelvic blood flow, which increases vaginal moisture, and boosts sexual response and they cause a release of hormones that positively affect women’s overall health and well-being and keep the vagina healthy.

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