Digital Media in Education

How does media impact teaching and learning?

Media Completes the Puzzle

Tools cannot outshine a brilliant teacher. What tools CAN do; however, is increase teaching effectiveness and engagement. With a brilliant teacher coupled with dynamic media tools, teaching and learning can soar to heights never before imagined.

Similarly, it isn't enough to simply have ACCESS to Web 2.0 tools, online videos, or software; the missing element is HOW you meaningfully and effectively INTEGRATE those tools into your curriculum, teaching strategies, and learners' modalities.

Media impacts every level of teaching and learning, including engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration, and evaluation.

See the video below to watch how media played a role in assessment prep:

FCAT Tips and Tricks

Watch to view media in action in the classroom!

Students used to create an Earth Day flyer for DEN Connects! To add another layer of learning, the students chose to embed a Discovery Ed video segment!

Another example of media working its magic for engaging, exploring, and explaining...

GEN Z Blabber by Kristina Spencer's Surfers of HNIS