Dr. Dollar Diplomacy

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Antitrust Man vs. Dr. Dollar Diplomacy

Watch as Dr. Dollar Diplomacy fights against his arch nemesis, Antitrust Man, and ward off the evils he has caused. Watch as the Dr. stands his ground against the antitrust reformers, big businesses, and Theodore Roosevelt himself as he deals with his humiliation by his protégé.

Franklinside Story Norris

Franklinside Story Norris often unveiled the lives of those who were suffering due to the corrupt and greedy corporate monopolies. In his novel, The Octopus, Norris describes the rising conflicts between the wheat growers in California and a railway company.

Dr. Dollar Diplomacy's Victory

In order to defeat Antitrust Man, the Dr. busted many trusts, implemented civil service reform, strengthening thenInterstate Commerce Commission, improved the performance of the postal service, and passed the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments, which levied an income tax on the American people and allowed election of United States senators by popular vote, respectively. The Dr. also sought to further develop, economically, Latin America and Asia.


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