Communications Merit Badge Lesson

by Raghav Bhatnagar


Hello I am Raghav a boy scout from troop 365 and i am here to inform you about eagle required merit badges, Have you ever wondered how many or which merit badges are eagle required while I will tell you.

How Many Are Eagle Required

There are 13 different merit badges that are required for eagle scout. The Required ones are First aid,cit community,cit nation,cit world,camping,cooking,communications,family life,,personal management,personal fitness,swimming hiking or biking, e prep or lifesaving, and esience or sustainability.

How long do these merit badges take to Complete?

Personal Fitness,personal management,and family life require you to do the badge for at least 3 months before earning it. Camping requires you to have 20 camping nights,and cooking requires you to cook for 3 days. Cit community makes you volunteer for 8 hours,and sustainability requires you to do lots of time related requirements. The long hikes and bikes in cycling and swimming merit badges could also take a while. Eprep also requires you to earn the first aid merit badge as a prerequisite.

When should I get started working on them?

You should start working on eagle required merit badges as soon as possible,because it is better to get things done than to wait for them. You have until you are 18 to work on merit badges.

Is there an age requirement for eagle required merit badges?

No there are no age requirements for eagle required merit badges.