The Revolutionary Green Revolution

by Vipul Reddy

Previous Information

Did you know that there were many countries that faced a high probability that a lot of their population could die off because of starvation. These countries were poor and had no way to help these famished families. Then came... The Green Revolution

A True Miracle

The Green Revolution was really a miracle to these suffering countries. Not only did the Green Revolution almost bolstered these countries into self-sufficiency it has improved their economies greatly. With the Green Revolution, the economies of countries such as India grew because of the introduction of another source of trade. By trading these goods, the country gained much needed materials from other goods. Also, the economies flourished because new jobs were created in order to create machines for the rising area of arable land.

Well Respected

Countries that have thrived after the incorporation of the Green Revolution have become well respected in the World. Places like India, which was able to pay off its loans borrowed for the Green Revolution, are seen as safe places for lenders to give money, because the lenders know the money will be returned.

Hydroelectric Power

Water stored by dams from the monsoons can now be used as a source for hydroelectric power.