The Judicial Branch

By:Cassidy ,Anieshia,Charlotte ,Yvonne

The Responsibilities of the Supreme Court

the responsibilities of the supreme court are to review or comment on treaties, interprets the laws, impeach trials ,protects the constitution ,check the power of the president and congress, and veto or approve laws.
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Current members, Length of term, Salary ,and Appointing process

The people that are current members are Antonin Scalia ,Anthony.M.Kennedy ,Clarence Thomas ,Ruth Bader Ginsburg ,Stephen .G. Breyer ,John .Roberts ,Samuel .A. Alito Jr. ,Sonia Sotomayor ,Elena .The length of term was how long you wanted it to be until you want to retire . it depended on what role you played in working in the supreme court but the money would go up to $213,900 maybe more . Their appointing process is decided by the president and the senate.
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Important Cases and Rulings

This case is called supreme court declines immigration .The supreme court rejected towns in Texas and in Pennsylvania to receive laws to crack down illegal immigration . their ruling is to decide to listen to hearings filed by the Farmers Branch, Texas and Hazleton ,Pennsylvania .

The second case is Argentina takes its depts to the supreme court . Argentina wants the nine justices to do a case involving its obligations to holders of its government bonds and to resolve the mess created by a handful of judges.

The roots of the case go back to 2001, when Argentina, in the midst of a downturn, defaulted on $80 billion of government bonds. Now, Argentina is asking the Supreme Court to lower-court ruling forcing the South American country to pay up on these bonds.


There are one or two ways that cases make it into the supreme court which is to ask the supreme court to take another to look at legal issues that are at stake and then fill at a paper to request an appeal to be certified. The other way is a case just comes and they decide to transfer the case to themselves or for the case not to be heard.