Mrs. Kristi Smith's Second Grade

Weekly Update - April 8, 2016

Reading Workshop

Students continued to work in their nonfiction book clubs. We are just about finished with this round of book clubs. After vacation students will get to choose a second club to be part of.

We continued our work as a class book club during our read aloud time. This week we read two books from a series called Look Once, Look Again. There are up close pictures with a clue and then on the next page the book reveals the object. We read one book titled "Seeds and Fruits" and another one called "Blossoms". We compared and contrasted the facts we learned in the two new books with the two books we read last week.

Writing Workshop

This week every one chose their favorite nonfiction book to "fancy up". We studied mentor texts and analyzed the texts to see what authors do to "fancy up" their books for publication. We then studied different strategies we can use to help us with our spelling. At this point every one set off to to get their books ready. There were About the Author pages being created, front and back covers decorated with illustrations and blurbs, picture glossaries, and more! Every one put their best effort into fixing up their spelling and punctuation. Students were very motivated to try all the different strategies on our spelling chart. We will have our "fancied up" books out for Open House and we can't wait to share them with you!

Check out the photos below of our chart, and then of students working together on spelling strategies and reading for each other to help get ready for publication.

Math Workshop

We wrapped up our measurement unit and took our unit assessment at the beginning of the week. We began our next unit and we will now be focusing on geometry. This week we began to work with two dimensional shapes. We studied the attributes of shapes looking at sides, angles, vertex, and parallel lines. We also learned the names for shapes based on their number of sides...triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons. Although that covered the names of the shapes in our math book - we did a little more work to learn about septagons, octagons, nonagons and decagons! The students played a game called Shape Capture to practice finding shapes based on their attributes. We ended our week completing a Nearpod activity. Today's Nearpod focused on solving story problems about money. The students were very excited to visit Nearpod again! Check out the photos below of everyone working on Nearpod this morning.

Social Studies

Our social studies activities took a turn towards studying ourselves! AKA...we began to work on some special projects that we will be unveiling at Open House.'s a secret!

Interesting Tidbits...

Don't forget that Class Placement Questionnaires are due back to school April 18th.

This week we continued our efforts in the Fact Fluency Challenge. The children at Allgrove School will be tracking their math fact computations from March 14th through April 8th. Each classroom will be keeping track of the number of math facts the students in the classroom complete correctly. We will be creating paper chains with each link representing a certain number of facts completed. These will be posted on the bulletin boards outside each classroom. We can't wait to see how many facts we can collectively complete over this time period. It will also present a great opportunity to visually represent very large numbers. Help by studying your facts!

Here is how we have been doing...

  • Week #1 Total = 3,113
  • Week #2 Total = 4,145
  • Week #3 Total = 4,942
  • Week #4 Total = 5,020

Our grand total of facts was 17,220!! Our total reached so high that our graph did not go high enough to track it! We will find out the grand total for the entire school on Monday after vacation. So exciting!

Upcoming Events...

Hot Lunch for the week of April 18th...
  • Wednesday - cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza
  • Friday - Chicken Nuggets and Roasted Potatoes

Fact Fluency Challenge

  • March 14th through April 8th

Save the date...Open House - Tuesday, April 26th

Upcoming Field Trip...

  • Be on the lookout for a permission slip after vacation. We will be visiting the Salmon Brook Historical Society in Granby to see the Cooley School House on April 26th. This will be the kick off as we shift our social studies focus to learning about East Granby and surrounding towns. The school house visit will help us to learn about what life was like long ago.