OG Lil Pretty Thugs Gormet Cupcakes

Owners: Sean Conroy, Max davis, and Bethany Anderson

Our Gormet Cupcakes

We offer the Vanilla Ice for $3.30 a piece, The Deep Dark for $3.30 a piece, The Lil Pretty Thug's Monster at $3.30 a piece, The Truffle Butter for $3.30 a piece, The Sheen Berry for $3.30 a piece, and Butter Mountain for $3.30

We're always open for cupcake suggestions.

New cupcake ideas!

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The White Chocolate!!!

Our latest and Greatest Cupcake idea will be priced around $3.30 and with the option of sprinkles for 20 cents more!!
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The Cupcake Sundae!!!!

This masterpiece will be our most unique cupcake yet, will be priced at about $3.30 only because it will be extremely expensive to make.
Open 24 hours a day,7 days a week!!!