Hilltop Herald - Parent Edition

Be Respectful ~ Be Responsible ~ Be Resilient

Volume 2 ~ Issue 3 ~ July 31, 2023

Woderful Falcon Families,

“Stay true to yourself. An original is worth more than a copy.” ~Suzy Kassem~

We have successfully finished the first full week of the school year! Falcons, I am pround of you for demonstrating the best versions of yourselves. It is a challenge as peer pressure increases. Many of you want to fit in because you want to be liked, loved and/or included. And sometimes, you will fall into peer pressure because of this desire to be loved and included. I encourage you, insteadm, to do what Susy Kassem said, "Stay true to yourself. An original is worth more than a copy." Your originality is far superior than copying someone else' originality. Don't fall for the idea that you have to be like your friend or classmate or anybody. As we move into this week, remember who you are and stand proud.

Master Schedule Changes Update

As of Friday, our enrollment is at 901 with 7 enrollments in the next two weeks. This is above our projections, which means more classes have to be opened. The biggest shift in the master schedule is in special education that has a 20-day requirement to have a verified teacher of record (not a sub) in the special ed classes as well as the corresponding gen ed coteach/collab classes so that appropriate direct services are provided per their IEPs. This is today’s and tomorrow’s biggest shift thus whole class movements may be occurring in addition to a trickle of student changes. In essence, these big moves constitutes teacher moves. For example, Teacher A's Period 1 class will now report to Teacher B's period 1. Or, Teacher C's Period 2 will go to Teacher D's Period 5.

These are common changes that are allowable within the first 10-days. On either Day 10 (August 1) or 11 (August 2), teachers will hand out their course syllabi what will contain expectations and grading policies.

PE Dressing Out Information

Students will dress out in PE starting Monday, August 7th. PE teachers will be engraving locks tomorrow and Tuesday of this week, issuing lockers Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be makeups for anyone absent or who forgot to bring their lock. Parents, it is important that students bring their locks this week. PE teachers do not issue lockers if they don't physically have the lock with them at the time of assignment. If you need help with acquiring locks, please let an administrator know.

Behavior Expectation Assembly Review

Last Wednesday, Mr. Toms and Ms. Cruz, along with our SROs, met with you to discuss behavior expectations. Below is a slideshow highlight of that assembly. This is a reminder that our expectation is that your behavior demonstrate our Falcon Mantra of "Be Responsible. Be Respectful. Be Resilient. If you follow these three things, you will have a fantastic time here at HTM. If you choose to break the rules that help to keep this campus safe, then you are subject to the consequences associated with it. Read the key sections below regarding Dress Guidelines, Cell Phones and Bullying & Harrassment of Any Kind. To ensure that we have provided this training for every student, please complete this attendance form if you were there last Wednesday at the assembly.

Student and Parent Handbook

The newly revised and revamped handbook is now updated. It is located on the website and at the very end of this newsletter. This handbook is discussed partly in the Advisory Toolkit. APs will also be discussing the handbook during the Behavior Expectation Assembly. Parents take the time to review the discipline policy for this year.

ASB GEAR for Sale

Falcons, we have PE clothes for sale including ASB Spirit gear. Every Friday is Falcon Friday where we encourage all of you to wear blue or anything with Falcon logos. Below is a flyer that shows you what we sell. Sales are Cash Only. The ASB Store is open on during lunch and after school. Click HERE to access the order form. Complete before arriving to order.

Falcon Flight Information

If you are interested in participating in Falcon Flight, read the flyer in the Falcon Flight for information and also to access the enrollment form. If your child wants to participate in athletics, he/she must be cleared to play. Please read the section below regarding Falcon Flight. Fall sports tryouts are in two weeks so get your paperwork in order so that you can practice on the first day. All athletics information is in the same section below. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Pulido at jessica.pulido@sweetwaterschools.org or Mr. Horton at joshua.horton@sweetwaterschools.org.

Finally, below are important information regarding HTM. Please read the information on the images provided so that you know as much information as possible.


Mrs. Finley

Celebrating July Falcon Babies

Students, if your birthday is in July, we will be celebrating you tomorrow!

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Saturday Academy Begins August 12, 2023

Students, if you already have an absence, come to Saturday Academy to make it up.

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Media Center Support

Falcons, take advantage of the media center support, especially as a space for doing homework. They are open in the morning and lunch time.

23-24 Welcome to the HTM Library!
Behavior Expectations Summary

Falcons, last Wednesday, the APs and SROs talked to you regarding proper behavior in schools. Please review the slides below.


Families, please read the cell phone use policy for this year.

It is our collective expectation that everyone on campus will uphold the cell phone use policy as outlined in the district's board policy as well as in our handbook:

  1. Upon entry, all cell phones must be turned off and placed in the backpack.
  2. If your a staff member directs you to put it away, please listen and put it in your backpack.
  3. Cell phones are not allowed in the bathroom. If you are caught with it in the bathroom, your phone will be taken immediately and must be picked up by the parents. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. If a staff member takes a cell phone away, they will give it back to you at the end of each period UNLESS it warrants being taken to the main office.
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Families, please read the image below to know the expectation of dress code for all students.

Falcons, it is our expectation that you will follow our dress code guidelines. Our board policy states that students are responsible for appropriate dress and grooming. So.... make sure that you are always asking, "Is what I am wearing reasonable and appropriate?" If the answer is no, then, you probably should change.

Click HERE to read the HTM Dress Guidelines for 2023-2024 school year. If you have any questions, please talk to admin.

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Families, please read the policies regarding bullying and harrassment of all kinds.

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Falcon Flight Information

Falcon Families, HTM offers before and afterschool program called Falcon Flight. It requires enrollment into the program. Click on the title bar to access the website. Or get information below. Click on the enrollment forms below & submit to school.

Falcon families, access the enrollment by clicking on one of the links below:

Athlete Participation Information

  • Register your child on Aktivate.Click HERE to enter Aktivate.
  • Physical Exams – All student- athletes must have a pre-participation physical screening completed prior to being cleared to participate in a sport. The physical must be current (within 1 year from the date completed) and be valid through the entire season of sport. Note: Athletic Physicals must be completed by an licensed Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Physicians Assistant’s(PA) or Nurse Practitioner’s(NP). Chiropractic Physicals will no longer be allowed (Board Policy 6145.a).

  • Without Insurance, a student athlete will not be able to clear for a sport. For Sweetwater Union High School District offered insurance plans, please contact your schools ASB office for more information.

Fall Sports | HTM

  • Boys and Girl Basketball
  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Cheer (All Year)
  • Cross Country

Winter Sports | HTM

  • Boys and Girls Soccer

Spring Sports | HTM

  • Co-Ed Flag Football
  • Girls Flag Football
  • 7th and 8th Grade Girls Volleyball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Girls Field Hockey
  • Track and Feild
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Falcon Flight Video
Parent Engagement Dates

Parents, please mark your calendar to attend these events and meetings.

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ASB Gear is Available for Sale - Cash Only

Falcons, ASB has exciting events and activities planned for you. We want you to be involved this year. Please read the image below on how you can participate.


It is time to get GEARED UP as the most spirited Falcon. You will need spirit gear to earn this title! So, get your gear on! Let's see you in blue!

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ASB Message
Registration & Enrollment

If you have not completed the registration process, please read below.

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School Map

For your information

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Click HERE to Access the Student & Parent Handbook

This handbook is the guide to all the protocols in place at Hilltop Middle School. It is interactive in that you can click on the page number associated with the topic from the table of contents and it will take your there.