Collaborating and Problem Solving to Change the World

Happenings - October 2017

Did you know . . .

  • that Chipeta Elementary is an inclusive community in which children are nurtured and challenged to become learners now and for the future?
  • that students are self-directed learners collaborating, taking risks, and problem solving to change our world?
  • that we strive to balance all of the competencies as we set high standards and levels of achievement and growth for all students?

Safe and Healthy Learning Environments

Learners are supported in maintaining active lives while building self-awareness, confidence, and advocacy skills through safe, welcoming, and healthy learning environments. Attention is given to both physical and social-emotional wellness.

What does this look like?


Chipeta students advocate for their learning and personal needs. Choice is pervasive through our school day. Beginning in 1st grade, students make choices about their lunchtime seating - whether to sit inside or outside depending upon their needs for the day. Students also make myriad choices in their learning - who to work with, how to show their learning, and where to work. Students may travel to the library to ask questions or receive help.

APEX Fundraiser

Many thanks for your wonderful support of our only PTA fundraiser. We choose to work with APEX because the program emphasizes supporting others and healthy lifestyle choices. This year, our word was UNITED - Unique, No Excuses, Inspire Others, Teachable, Empathize, Do your Best! These messages inspire our students in their learning and interactions with others. We culminate with a Fun Run - again emphasizing healthy choices and positive decisions. Again, thank you for your support!