Cedar Park Youth Football and Cheer

2015 Season - Week 6

What to Expect This Week

Prepare for 1st Game
Pack Parents - Thanks for all you've done to get your team ready for the first game of the season! There will be a lot to do this week to prepare for Saturday, and I apologize for some of the last minute tasks but it's just a really, constantly changing, fluid process to get everything done before the first game. So thanks for hanging in there!

Pack Parent To Do List This Week:

  1. Read this newsletter
  2. Refer to the following tabs on our CPYFA Pack Parent Playbook Site: http://goo.gl/btBWdW

  • Preparing for 1st Game :
    1. 2015 Game Schedule - This is the most up-to-date schedule.
    2. Concession Duty - A finalized schedule will come soon, but I will email you tonight who is scheduled for this Saturday.
    3. Game Day Volunteers - Football Pack Parents, for scheduling volunteers, make sure you have 3 for chains (if you're home team), 2 for MPR, 1 Photographer.
    4. Game Badges - We're printing those this week. We'll make sure you have them before Saturday games.
    5. Game Day - Make sure you review this page if you've never been a pack parent! Remember to take your binder to the game for check-in. You'll get it back right after the last player/cheerleader has been checked in so stay at the gate with your kids until then.

  • Update on Cheer Fundraisers:
  1. Kendra Scott (at The Domain) Fundraiser: Date and time have been changed to Nov. 11 from 6-8pm.
  2. PDQ Lakeline: Please continue to promote the cheer fundraiser on Sept. 13, CPYFA will receive 20% of sales only when you mention "CPYFA" when ordering.

Things You Should Know:

  • Team Binder - If your binder had some issues to be resolved after certification, please submit those to Central TX at CentxCertification@gmail.com and copy me and Mikayla.
  • Seahawk Training - Football Pack Parents: We're trying to find out if your coaches will need Training Certificates for your binders if they weren't able to get them to print before certification. Some of you were denied certification for this and we'll let you know once it's been confirmed one way or the other.
  • Spirit Wear items for your team will be distributed to pack parents this week. Once the details are finalized they will be forwarded to you.

Deadlines for this week:

1. Make sure you have volunteers scheduled for Game 1.

Thank you for all you do! Good luck on Saturday!