Welcome Home, Caroline Cooney!

Welcome Back To Connecticut

Although our author Caroline Cooney was born in New York, she grew up and spent most of her life in Connecticut. She now resides in South Carolina but talks about New York and Connecticut in all of her books. We have set up a welcome home party for her back in her home town of, Greenwich Connecticut!

Two Truths and A Lie

Because Caroline's books revolve around finding the truth, we are going to play a game

  1. Come up with two truths and one lie to tell your group
  2. Going around clockwise in your circle the speaker will tell the truths and lie
  3. If you are not the speaker guess which is the lie
  4. The speaker will tell you who is right and if none was right they will tell the group which is the lie


After you finish your game, we have cupcakes! As you can see there is a piece of chicken on top of each cupcake, you do not have to eat that, but we at least want you to try the cupcakes. I put a copy of the recipe on the table, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients please do not eat them. If you can't tell what flavor the cupcakes are, they are chicken and waffles! We chose this because our author, Caroline Cooney, has said she loves unexpected ideas, you probably never thought that you would see chicken and waffle cupcakes, right?


Caroline's books are also revolved around family and friends, from this we have drawn the conclusion that Caroline is a very family oriented person. We are sure she always wants to see her family and friends, so this party is focused on her return home and her being reunited with her family and her friends back in her home town.