Sir Arthur Currie

By: Hardil

Who is Sir Arthur Currie

General Sir Arthur William Currie was a Canadian military commander during World War I. He was the first Canadian-appointed commander of the Canadian Corps during WW1. He began the war with no professional military experience but with many years serving in the Canadian Militia. Currie participated in all of the major actions of the Canadian forces during the war, but he is best known for his planning and leadership which lasted from August 8 to November 11 1918, which might be the most successful of all the allied offensive teams during the war.

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Mandela's 1st Lesson

"To those who fall I say - You will not die but step into immortality. Your mothers will not lament your fate but will be proud to have borne such sons. Your names will be revered forever and ever by your grateful country, and God will take you unto Himself."

This is a quote of Sir Arthur Currie which means that if you fall you will not die but people will remember and you will be proud of what you have done, and that God will call you to heaven. This quote relates to Mandela’s 1st lesson (courage is not the absence of fear – it’s inspiring others to move beyond) because Currie is saying that life will not end and there is more to it which is inspiring the soldiers to go forth and not to worry. Also, he is most likely looked brave whenever he said this by the way the quote is written, which also inspired the soldiers.

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Mandela's 4th Lesson

"We have shown that even in trench warfare it is possible to mystify and mislead the enemy."

This is another quote of Currie which means that you can play with your enemy, even in the hardest times, like in trench warfare. This quote relates to Mandela’s 4th lesson (know your enemy – and learn his favourite sport) because all you have to do is study your opponent and learn their best/favourite method, in Mandela’s words, “learn your enemy – and learn his favourite sport”. This can give you a lead and you can “mystify and mislead the enemy”.

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Mandela's 7th and 8th Lesson

"Thorough preparation must lead to success. Neglect nothing."

This is also a quote of Sir Arthur Currie which means that if you prepare properly, you will succeed. This quote relates to Mandela’s 7th lesson (nothing is black or white) because Currie said that everything will be clear if you prepare properly, in other words, “nothing is black or white”; all you have to do is think thoroughly. If you think of it in another way, it also relates to Mandela’s 8th lesson (quitting is leading too) because if you don’t succeed in the first try, you know that the method won’t work and you prepare in another way.

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